Everything Old is New Again! PicStreak!


During summer 2015, Peak Warriors ran a simple challenge. It was to take one photo of yourself every day for 92 consecutive days (July through September) and post it on a Peak Warriors special event page. See? Simple.

“Simple” didn’t mean it was easy for members to do, however. For some of us, it truly (soft-roll that r) was a challenge. Many of us had spent years avoiding photographs for myriad reasons of personal insecurity. We were the ones behind the cameras, capturing moments of family and friends but always out of frame. Or we joined in photos, but hid parts of ourselves behind other people, furniture, trees – anything that came to hand.

But a challenge was issued – and Peak Warriors answered it in droves. The truly (soft-roll that r!) timid did not have to post publicly, but as a minimum were to post their daily photos to a calendar app where they alone could see over three months, side by side, the changes their efforts were yielding as they improved their health and fitness; changes not recognized just looking in a mirror from day to day, for being gradual.

In addition to tracking our progress, we quickly learned that the benefits of this challenge went beyond physical change. We got comfortable in front of the camera. We learned to see (sometimes through the encouragement of others) our positive features – our assets – rather than just our flaws. We learned to enjoy having a record of our participation in life, for ourselves and to share with family and friends. In short, we learned to appreciate who we are – along the journey rather than just if or when we reach our goals.

That was a huge bonus many never expected: bolstered self esteem.

The challenge was so popular that we encouraged members to continue unofficially, and several have done so.

It’s a new year now. We have a second official round of #MPC, we each have identified new milestone markers and goals – set to conquer new peaks. Peak Warriors has grown too, as it continually becomes better. We have new members as well as one-year veterans, all recommitting to becoming their best selves.

So it’s time to run another iteration of our photo challenge. Join us! Whether you are a Peak Warrior member or not, whether you post your photographs publicly on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or only for your own eyes on a calendar app – get in the picture for #MPC2016… with #PicStreak!!!

If you are a Peak Warrior on FB: Wear It Like A Warrior Event



Team #PeakStreak Challenge 1- All In For Heughan!



In anticipation of My Peak Challenge Prep Program launching this week, Peak Warriors spent the last week competing to see who could keep up their end of a team challenge. The components were a #PeakStreak (15 minutes of activity passed down as a challenge from Mr. Sam Heughan, godfather of MPC, himself), who could get all of their water goals in, and who would try something new. Warriors really stepped up to the challenge!

When starting a new journey to a healthier lifestyle, there are many factors that go into a successful transition. One would be support. Our group is a vast network of support to members and non-members alike but in this challenge we asked members to get a little closer and come together as teams. While 75 % of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration (Institute of Medicine) we figured staying hydrated was the next logical goal. Finally we wanted members to practice the art of stepping out of their comfort zone. This portion of the challenge quickly became the most interesting aspect as members were posting a wide range of new things they tried:

  • New foods like Quinoa
  • New activities, trails, exercises or classes at the gym
  • New experiences like laser tag!
  • Things we’ve been putting off like purging all those clothes that don’t fit anymore

The challenge was a monumental success. It saw 78 members come together on 26 different teams to commit to a week of solid health and wellness. It was overwhelmingly obvious that we are all much better at prioritizing others than we were ourselves. For this week we made health a priority every day. Some days it was for our team and some days we did it for us. In the end we all made a friend or two and perhaps even launched some better habits.


By the end of the week we came down to 237 logged peak streaks and 345 new things tried. There were 11 teams with perfect scores for the week: Dream Peaks, PET Warriors, Winter Warriors, All in for Heughan, Elvish Warrior Princesses, Ministers Warrior Cats, Sosass, Heughan’s Honeys, Sam’s Southwest Babes, Huzzah! And Triple Peak Threat.

Congratulations to all who participated! By a highly scientific method consisting of “pick a number between 1-11″… the Winner is… Team All In For Heughan!

Invincible! The Peak Warrior Journey Continues!

Song- Kelly Clarkson Invincible (cover)
Vocals by Nicole Moseley (A Proud Peak Warrior)
Produced by Joshua Bertrand (Band: Random Hero)
Editing- Chad Moseley

Peak Warriors originated in December, 2014 as a Facebook Group (Outlander Personal Peak Challenge Support Group). Our purpose was to support Sam Heughan’s My Peak Challenge (2015). The MPC was focused on a March weekend in 2015, and after it was done…our group was so energized with continuing forward that we just kept moving on!

Nicole Moseley, a dedicated and talented Peak Warrior, approached us about putting together an anniversary video as we got ready to launch into #MPC2016. Using her own resources, and help from her friends and husband; she went through hundreds of photos submitted by her fellow Peak Warriors. She came up with the concept, provided the vocals, and did some of the photo editing.

Peak Warrior Testimonial from Nicole: nicole

My achievements,  I lost 15lbs and 2 pant sizes. But, I have gained more confidence and a healthier self. I’m not so afraid to try new things and challenge myself. My biggest achievement would be that I started Crossfit last June, and it has been life changing. I never thought I could do something like that. But. I love it and the community that comes with it. I wanted to do the video, as a way to give back. Give back to the group and celebrate this amazing year we have been together. I also hope the video will inspire others to get up and get out there and take care of themselves and find better health. Also, I hope it can bring some good attention to MPC and Bloodwise .. and can bring in more donations. That was the heart behind the video. To celebrate and give back. I hope it will give the group a new sense of drive!


We hope you enjoy her talent and sisterhood as we embark on our next My Peak Challenge!

PW’s…get your hankies ready!

Sam Heughan, Fight Club, My Peak Challenge, BloodwiseUK…You continue to inspire us every day!

My Peak Challenge may be a “destination”, but Peak Warriors is our Journey!

Peak Warriors…We got this! Mu Ar Ruighe- Within Our Reach!

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Letting Go! #Breewatch is OVER!

I started reading these books back in 1991. When Bree was introduced…I kind of hated her;) Diana Gabaldon couldn’t understand why this character was so widely admonished in mid 90’s reading groups. The fact is…in many ways… Bree is so many of us! For the “baby boomers”, Bree is actually OUR generation. She was born AFTER WW2! She became aware of her world in the 60’s. Unlike many of us…she had a mother who was a true professional- a physician and surgeon; in a time when very few women reached those levels! The glass ceiling was MUCH higher back then. Our mothers smoked cigarettes, drank cocktails, got their hair done every week, and wanted their daughters to dream to be more than a housewife, a nurse, a teacher, a secretary…

Many of us who grew up amongst Bree’s generation started to do… exactly that! Bree was an engineer from MIT…and while that is taken for granted nowadays; it was still an exceptional accomplishment in the 60’s! So…it took me a long time and many re-reads…but now I look beyond that whiny teenager who missed her daddy…and I LOVE this character. She is the embodiment of our Warrior Princess. She is strong, and smart, and creative…and goes so beyond a woman of her age. And yeah…sometimes she does stupid stuff…but the books wouldn’t be what they are without her remembering that Roger also had MacKenzie in his name! Bree is really the embodiment of what so many of us wish we could have achieved back then- had worked a little harder for.

And you know what… we ALL do stupid stuff sometimes…and its time to just LET GO… No Regrets. Bree finds creativity, soul-mated love, family, magic and brilliance…all the things we wish for ourselves…and especially now for our daughters and granddaughters. So, let go and move forward… she may be our embodiment of warrior, but we are warriors too- so let’s celebrate her strengths, and not worry about her weaknesses. (She’s too short, not a real redhead, wrong eye color, etc…) Big things CAN come out of small packages- we prove that everyday!

So…let’s celebrate Brianna…and celebrate that Outlander Casting has found us our Bree in the form of Sophie Skelton. From the little I’ve seen… she seems to be quite the up and coming actress. Check out this You Tube.

Guess what…
They went for an actress that has chemistry and acting chops, even though she isn’t a natural redhead and 6 feet tall! It seems to be OK… check out these tweets…




Diana Gabaldon and Ron Moore talk about casting Roger and Bree!


So… Now…the Breewatch is over and all we have left is Droughtlander till April… So… get your walking shoes on, go buy those veggies, get to the gym, whatever makes you realize that you are also a warrior, too! Mu Ar Ruighe!!!

A Peak Warriors Hello!


We may gush over Sam Heughan… but Graham McTavish (Dougal McKenzie) is a pretty fit Scot himself. Thanks to Lara Helmer for getting some Peak Warriors “love” from Graham!

This blog is for all you wannabe Warriors out there… We will be creating pages with access to exercise, recipes and lifestyle choices to support our Peak Warriors! Please comment and let us know what you want to see. The beauty of our new blog is that we can create areas and archives that will hopefully be easier to find then…”where was that post?” in our Facebook posts!

Please follow us here! Share your journeys with us as we prepare for #mpc2016. Tulach Ard and Mu Ar Ruighe, Warriors!