About Peak Warriors



Outlander Personal Peak Challenge Support Group on Facebook (Secret Group)
We do not actively recruit- New members may join by direct invitation only.
Twitter and Fitbit are open to all.
If you are serious about participating in My Peak Challenge 2016, supporting Bloodwise UK, and joining our active FB community; please send us an email or PM us at FB with your request.
Tess Gingrich
Teddi Bewernitz
Leslie Gartenberg
Marsha Lipps
Martine Tasse

Blog Email: Thepeakwarriors@gmail.com

Please follow us on Twitter: @Peak_Warriors

Please join us at our Fitbit Peak Warrior Community


Our Motto: Mu Ar Ruighe (Within Our Reach)IMG_0454

Our Pinned Post: Rules of the Road for Warriors…

Welcome Peak Warriors!
My Peak Challenge 2016 has launched! Let us know, what are your goals? Every step you take forward really encourages the rest of us in tangible ways. Every obstacle you work to overcome inspires us to keep pushing on. Please join in on the conversations and support. Check the links below:
Officially support the My Peak Challenge Fundraiser

IMG_0482Support our Peak Warrior T-shirt fundraisers by searching “Peak Warriors” at


Support BloodwiseUK- Buy our shirts and products and proceeds will go to Sam’s charity-Or… Use our direct link and make a donation to Bloodwise UK through our Justgiving.org Peak Warriors Page. It feels SO good when you achieve to goal to share it with a good cause!

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GROUP RULES — and helpful LINKS:
If you have a question about the appropriateness of posting, please contact an administrator before acting, for screening approval. If you find a post offensive, please contact an administrator. Larger group concerns for openly discussing should be taken to our Town Hall event link and not discussed on our main page. Life is hard enough without our support group getting bogged down in negativity. The event pages allow for additional discussions that are easier for all members to choose to participate or not. Links to event boards are below.

* Conversations may be very personal and private. Everything posted at Peak Warriors (PW) needs to stay here, in order to ensure a safe environment for every member. We are a Secret group as part of that safeguarding.

* We strictly prohibit selling, endorsing, or promoting any products, or soliciting for business either in posts, unsolicited PMs or in comments — beyond the Member Marketplace file.

*We do not as a group support specific diets, products or services

* We do not discuss religion, politics, or other sensitive world issues.

* Always remember that, while our members have a wealth of experiences to share from their own lives, any helpful advice should always be discussed and validated by your own health care or exercise professionals.

* If there is an events page for it, avoid bringing it to the main wall. An administrator will likely ask you to move it over.

* Supportive posts at our main page should relate to the goals of the group: exercise, nutrition, lifestyle improvement, motivation, becoming your best self. Random negativity will be deleted.

* If you have a personal issue with a member, message privately to resolve it — don’t address it in the group. If you need an administrator to step in, please let us know.

* We are respectful to everyone — members and non-members alike.

* Bullying or abuse of any kind towards members or non-members will NOT be tolerated and may lead to eviction from the group. We value and embody respect, empowerment, support, enjoying better lives, and having fun in the process; while appreciating a diverse group of members who hold a variety of opinions. When you post, please consider how your message might be received, and how it adds to a supportive environment.
– Violations will be deleted promptly, and violators notified, with removal from the group an option based on severity.

THIS GROUP BELONGS TO ALL OF US, individually and collectively. Each member has a responsibility to keep it strong, viable, and safe. What you contribute will directly correlate to what you gain. Individually, and as a whole, we are the healthier for it! MU AR RUIGHE !

Exercise video links

TOWN HALL for raising issues or questions & discuss group business:
OUTLANDER TALK – for all things Outlander
SAM’S PLACE – for all things Sam (Heughan, of course):
WARRIORS OF LIGHT – when you need comfort:
WEAR IT LIKE A WARRIOR – Selfie board for progress or for advice
WAULKING WARRIORS for all your crafts, art & other creations:


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